4.1 Understanding the error blinking signal and the corresponding error messages.
Take the "L" series as an example, the error indicator lights located on the bill acceptor panel and will blink according to a preset pattern in the event of an error.

The cash boxes of all "L" series bill acceptors are also equipped with an error message label with an error table to facilitate the interpretation of the blinking patterns. Refer to the following error table according to the product model.

ICT provides easy troubleshooting manuals as a basic reference for the benefit of our customers. Before consulting the manuals, however, customers are advised to perform cleaning maintenance and calibration in order to help with the identification of the true problems.

In the event that the customers are unable to diagnose or solve the problems, it is recommended that the customers contact their local dealer or ICT service center and arrange for an inspection or repair at the service center.

Note: For additional information on "Error Light Signals" and "Troubleshooting," refer to "Manual Download".