Calibration / Maintenance

1.1 What is Calibration?

To maximize your bill acceptors’ performance, calibration is recommended under certain circumstances. Calibration will adjust the parameters of optical sensors and LEDs to ensure that the performance will be optimal.

1.2 When is it necessary to calibrate?
Calibration is recommended under the following circumstances:
Decline in acceptance rate
After updating the unit's firmware
Change to a different currency

1.3 How do I calibrate my Bill Acceptor? (ICT TEST TOOL)
ICT has developed a comprehensive test tool called “ICT TEST TOOL” for its line of bill acceptors.
This Tool performs a series of basic maintenance procedures to help customers identify the problems and to ensure the machine's optimal performance.

1.4 What Calibration card should I use?
Each type of bill acceptor has its own assigned calibration card; using any other type of ordinary paper for calibration is prohibited.
Customers are advised to use the calibration card enclosed in the download box (Programmer), when performing calibration.

1.5 Where can I obtain the calibration card?
Calibration cards are normally enclosed with the download box (Programmer) or product (FP-004) that you have purchased.
If it is missing, please contact your local sales distributor or representative.

1.6 How do I perform basic maintenance on my bill acceptor?
ICT recommends that customers clean the bill acceptors with a soft cleaning cloth moistened with mild, non-abrasive and non-alcohol cleaning solution at least once every 4 months.
LED and sensor housings are the main components that need to be cleaned. They are the emitter and recipient of the light source and must be maintained properly and free of dust.