General features

    Dimensions: 21*13.8*2.6 mm

    Weight: 1.5 g

    Supply voltage range: 3.0~3.6 V

    Normal operation temperature: -40 to +80 

    Storage temperature: -45 to +90  

    Humidity: 10%~90%

    Low power consumption

    Flexible software programmable setting option

    Control via AT commands (SIMCOM enhanced AT Commands)

Specifications for SRD RF

    Maximum transmit power: 18 dBm (except SIM20-433)

    Receive sensitivity: -118dBm @2400bps

    Transmission distance:1500 Meters @9600bps (SIM20-A, open sky)

    Frequency bands support as below:

 -SIM20-A: 433~434.79MHz

 -SIM20-B: 863~870MHz

 -SIM20-C :902~928MHz

 -SIM20-470 :470.00~510.00MHz

 -SIM20-433 :433.05~434.79MHz

 -SIM20-868 :868.00~869.70MHz

    Modulation schemes: GFSK

    Frequency interval: 100KHz

    Sleep current consumption: 1uA

    Rx current consumption: 26mA

    Tx current consumption: 80mA@18dBm, peak value

    Support peer to peer transmission and broadcasting transmission

    Adapt to mass data transmission



22 SMT pads include:

    Power pad and ground pads

    Antenna Interface

    UART Interface

    SPI Interface (reserved)

    IIC Interface (reserved)

Specification for Data

    Air interface data rate: 2400~128000bps

    Uart interface data rate: 2400~115200bps

    Uart interface check mode:  8N1,8E1,8O1,7N2,7E1,7O1

    Uart RX interface buffer size: 255 bytes


    ETSI EN 300-220

    FCC Part 15

    Chinese SRD regulatory standards



    CE (SIM20-433,SIM20-868)

SIM20 is a high integrate half-duplex, multi-channel low power wireless communication module. It includes high speed MCU and perfect performance RF chip, so it has high receiving sensitivity, programmable transmitting power and data rate. SIM20 supports the multi-channel choice, transparent date transfer without complex user setting; it supports UART, IIC , SPI, GPIO interfaces.The leading features of the module make it ideal for industry applications such as automatic metering, wireless medical telemetry service (WMTS), home automation and process and building control.



Document download
  • Application Note
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  • SIM20-TE_PCB Layout for Reference_Application Note_V1.00.pdfDownload
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