XPI series Solar


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◆ Integrated with controller, inverter, AC bypass switch,    transformers, solar and DC battery terminal, protection breakers and LCD display 

◆ MPP tracking technology, offer wide input voltage, low input current, stable charging voltage and current, reduce the investment of solar panels, can save 20-30% solar panels compared with the PWM solar charger 

◆ Auto-switch smoothly transfer the load to utility power or battery 

◆ Auxiliary-Charging could complement power to battery by utility power even if PV array does not work in the raining days. 

◆ Low frequency transformer design allows to withstand high inrush load current supports fan, pump, refrigerator, TV, lamp etc 

◆ True sine wave output 

◆ Integrated RS232 serial communications 

◆ Prior solar charging function use the renewable energy while utility power is complementary



DEL(XPI) 0.5K 0.7K  1.0K  1.5K  2.0K  3.0K  4.0K  5.0K  6.0K  7.0K 
Battery Voltage(dc) 24V 48V 96V
Battery Configuration Inside max. 200AH*2pcs
or External
Inside max. 200AH*4pcs
or External
Output Power 350W 500W 700W 1.0KW 1.5KW 2.0KW 3.0KW 3.5KW 4.2KW 5.0KW
Solar Controller
Charger Type PWM/MPPT MPPT
Max PV Input Power 900/1440W 2880W 5760W
PV Input Voltage Range 30-50/30-90Vdc 70-150Vdc 150-300Vdc
Max Solar Charge Current 30A/50A 50A
Float Charge Voltage 27.2Vdc 54.5Vdc 109Vdc
Equalization Charge Voltage 28.8Vdc 57.6Vdc 115.2Vdc
AC  Input
AC Input Voltage  175-270Vac(50Hz)/90-135Vac(60Hz)
AC Input Frequency 50/60Hz±3%
Charging Current Standard:10A  Max.:15A
AC  Output
AC Output Voltage 110/120/127Vac±3%; 220/230Vac±3%  
AC Output Frequency 50/60Hz±1%
Crest Factor 3:1
Output Wave Pure Sine Wave
Efficiency >80.0% >85.0%
Display LED/LCD
Information PV Status, Battery Capacity, AC Input Voltage, AC Output Voltage, Load
Protections Overload, Low Voltage, SPD,Overtemperature,shortcircuit etc
Overload Capability 100-120% 30s; 120-150% 10S; >150% 5s; short circuit, 10ms 
Cooling Fan Cooling
Communication RS232
Noise < 60dB
Operation Temperature 0-40°C
Storage Temperature -15~+50°C
Humidity 0-90%
Altitude 0-3000m(Above 1000m, derated power 1% per 100m)
Storage Altitude 0-15000m
(W×D×H mm)Bat. In/Out
Weight (Kg)Bat. In/Out 148/8 149/9 150/10 281/11 289/19 291/22 35 40 45 54
Specification is subject to change without prior notice.



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