ETS series Three




Modular MPPT solar controller

State-of-the-art solar maximum power point tracking technology, the utilization of solar panels can reach more than 99%

Wide PV input voltage range, more flexible solar panel selection and array configuration

MPPT solar controller modular system subsequent expansion provides great convenience

Three phase unbalanced load capability

Any one phase output independently drives the load, without affecting the other two phases;

Strong against impact current capability

Built-in low frequency isolation transformer, high impact resistance, can drive the motor, air conditioner with strong impact current

Support multiple equipments in parallel

Can be achieved through larger capacity power generation system by in parallel, while improving the reliability of system

Perfect protections

  1. Battery overcharge, over discharge protection and advanced battery management system extend battery life

The intelligent load graded protection strategy when battery power is low, giving priority protection for critical loads

Overload protection, short circuit protection to protect safe and reliable operation of the equipment and load




Model ETS 15/20/30/60/80/120KVA
AC/DC Rectifier
Phase 3 phase 5 wire 
Rated Voltage 380VAC
Voltage Range 275~475VAC
Frequency Range 40 – 70Hz
Charging Current 20-500A(adjustable)
Solar Charger
Input voltage range 450-700VDC
THDI <5%
Protections Low voltage, Overload, Short circuit, Overtemperature,
Battery pole anti-reverse protection
Charging Current 53-265A(adjustable)
Type Maintenance free lead-acid cell
DC Voltage 336(12Vdc*28pcs)
Equalized charging voltage 403V
Float charging voltage 381V
Rated Power 10-100KW
Phase 3 phase 5 wire
Wave form Pure sine wave
Rated voltage 380/400/415V + -2%(other voltage can be customized)
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz + / - 0.1%
Power Factor 0.8
Total-harmonic distortion < 3% linear load, < 10%( nonlinear load)
Crest factor 3:1
Transient response time 100ms
Overload capacity  105%-125%  for 30 min; 125%-150% for 10min.150%-175% for 1min;
  >175% for 100ms automatically resume when load become normal
Efficiency > 96%
Communication interface RS232 ( RS485,USB,Dry contact )
Cooling method Force cooling
Running temperature -10 to +40 degree Celsius
Relative Humidity 0~ 95% (non-condensing)
Altitude <1000m
Noise <70 dB
Protection level IP20