JSI series string single phase


string-inverter1-mini  string-inverter2-mini 
 string-inverter3-mini  string-inverter4-mini

TUV, SAA, CE, CQC, G83, G59, AS4777.2/3, AS/NZS 3100,
EN62109-1/2, CNCA/CTS0004-2009A,
CNCA/CTS0006-2010, EN61000-6-1/2/3/4, EN62109-1/2, RD1663, C10-11



   ◆ Compact size and high power density

   ◆ High speed MPPT for real time power tracking and improved energy harvesting

   ◆ Transformerless operation for highest efficiency 97%

   ◆ High overload capability under most ambient conditions

   ◆ Certified grid connected operation according to the international standards

   ◆ True sine wave output

   ◆ Integrated RS485/RS232 serial communications

   ◆ Multi-language LCD display



 MODEL (JSI) 1500TL 2000TL 2500TL 3000TL 3600TL 5000TL 6000TL
 Max. DC Input Power 1750W 2300W 2700W 3660W 3750W 5300W 6400W
 Max DC Voltage 450Vdc 500Vdc 550Vdc
 MPPT Operating Range 100~450Vdc 100~500Vdc
 Number of  Inputs 1 2 3
 Number of MPP Trackers 1
 Max. Input Current 10A 13A 14.5A 20A 20A 22.5A 27.5A
 Nominal Output Power 1500W 2000W 2490W 3000W 3600W 4600W 6000W
 Max. Output Power 1650W 2200W 2490W 3400W 3600W 5000W 6000W
 Nominal Output Current 6.5A 8.7A 10.8A 13A 15.7A 20A 26A
 Max. Output Current 7.9A 10.5A 12A 15.7A 16A 24A 29.3A
 Nominal AC Output Voltage 230Vac
 AC Output Voltage Range 190~265Vac
 AC Grid Frequency Range 50±5Hz
 Power Factor (cosφ) >0.99
 THDI <3% (at nominal output power)
 Max.efficiency 96.50% 97.00% 97.10% 97.20% 97.30% 97.40% 97.40%
 Euro.efficiency 95.50% 96.20% 96.30% 96.40% 96.60% 96.80% 96.80%
 MPPT. efficiency 99.60% 99.60% 99.60% 99.60% 99.60% 99.60% 99.60%
 Operating Temperature -25°C~+60°C
 Noise (typical) 20dB
 Operating Consumption 0 W
 Electrical Isolation Transformerless
 Cooling Concept Natural Cooling
 Protect Level IP65
 Communication RS232  (WIFI Optional )
 Dimension (W×D×H mm) 345*152*315 345*152*355 345*152*385 345*152*505 345*162*573
 Weight (Kg) 12 13 15 19 24



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