T850Kiosk Printer T850


Basic introduction:
80MM thermal printer with paper feeder,it applies to well-known make of printing head EPSON M-T532 and STAR automatic paper feeding mechanism, and they perfectly combines with controlling board MS-T850.
Main function:
Printing speed: 150mm/s (24v input voltage)
Printing life: 1 million line characters
Cutter life: 1 million times(full/part by option)
Paper feeding direction:180°horizontal feeding, easy for loading
Paper :80mm width thermal paper(0.06-0.10mm thickness)
Mechanism: paper feeder and paper receiver
Interface: RS-232/USB by option
Special feature:
1.reliability and safety: the excellent quality of EPSON products extends free maintenance , the MCBF can arrive at 37 million lines.

2.paper receiver:the automatic paper receiver prevents data loss and promotes safety of user well.
3.installation: ALL-IN-ONE unique design provides more convenience for user for installing and replacement, moreover, this humanity design largely saves space for user.
4.interface diversification:RS-232/TTL/USB by option, and provides comprehensive software instructions and concise driver (winxp\win7).
5.language diversification: it can follow customer requirements to achieve various language printing.
Application :self-Service equipments (discount coupon kiosk, bank call distributor,
parking card-delivery machine, telephone bill payment machine etc.)
charging function printer.