SZ501 daily recording printer

iosk Printer SZ501 daily recording printer

It is80mm(3<span "="">’inches) thermal printer with automatic paper winder. This new design can recycle receipt without any manual work!


1. Printing and retracting simultaneously

Printer and stacker works at the same time. This can save manual work time and do more convenient for user to keep receipt.

2. Low voltage for power supply

The logic driving voltage of head is 3.0~5.25 V; heating voltage is 4.2~8.5V.this design can meet 4~6 NI-MH batteries or 2 Li-ion batteries.

3. Compact and lighting structure

The compact outside dimension is suitable for building in  any device or place.

4. High resolution printer

High density printer head, as 8 dots/mm , is more clear than dot-matrix effect.

5. Easy loading paper roll

Platen-free design meet easily loading paper requirement.

6. Low noise

This does help for high request environment of noise.


MS-501 daily recording printer






STAR original

Structure size

240(L)<span "="" style="font-size: 11.5pt;">x141(W)<span "="" style="font-size: 11.5pt;">x102(H)(mm)

Input voltage

DC 10.8V-13.2V



Printing method

Thermal dot line


576 dots/line


8 dots/mm

Printing width

72 mm

Paper width

80 mm

Roll diameter

90 mm

Printing speed

80 mm/s

Feeding pitch

0.0625 mm

Heating detector of head


Paper detector

Photoelectric sensor


50 km


Working temperature(℃)


Working humidity(RH)

<span "="" style="font-size: 11.5pt;">20%~<span "="" style="font-size: 11.5pt;">85

Storage temperature(℃)


Storage humidity(RH)



Industrial controlling system, agriculture batch feeder, commercial daily recorder, pos data recorder, information collector, bill payment machine, hotel self-service terminal and more

Matters and attentions

1. The TPH and photoelectric sensor are belongs to electrostatic sensitive devices, on printer working user should take static-free actions.

2. When user loads platen on head, this component should keep clear or will influence printing effect.

3. User should keep thermal head in clear and dry environment.

4. Please load platen in right position of gear

5. Do not connect FPC with PIN on board by hand directly. moreover, there is warning for pull off FPC out of PIN on power.

6. Do not bending FPC in any angle or will damage it.

7. When paper jam happens user should pick up platen for first.

8. Do not use damp paper or will damage printer.

9. Printer can not work on lacking of paper.

10. Pinter can not work on high temperature over75 

11. Paper quality will influence printer effect and life.