58lydd Model: Receipt Printer 58LYDD
Category: Bluetooth printer

    Product Description
Basic Characteristics
Products Name: Thermal Bluetooth Receipt Printer
Model: 58LYDD
It applies mobile products to supporting the use, and suited to outdoor work environments.
The feature has small size、light weight、reliable performance、simple to connect、 easy to use.
The mobile police system
The tobacco distribution system
The utility meter reading system
The mobile office / mobile logistics systems
The portable instrumentation
The testing equipment, ancillary equipment.
Low operating costs (no ribbons, ink cartridges)
Weight: 357g
Size: 105*75*45mm
Parameter Details:
Printing       Method: Direct Thermal
Speed: 90mm/sec
Reliability TPH Life: 100km
Resolution: 203DPI (8dot/mm)
Printing Width: 48mm (384dot)
Paper Width: 58±01mm
Roll Diameter: φ≤40mm
Paper Type: Thermal Paper
Power: rechargeable lithium battery/NI-MH battery
Battery: Lithium: 7.4VDC/1500mA,: 7.2VDC/700 mA nickel-metal hydride battery
Charging mode: DC 9V/1.5A
Print parameters: support to download the Logo trademark
Printing Chinese character:     Chinese: simplified Chinese 24x24 point. support 18030 font library,
support Taiwan and HK traditional(complex font)
ANK: ASC11 12 ×24
Extendedcharactertable:       OEM437/Katakana/OEM850/OEM860/OEM863/OEM865/West Europe/Greek/Hebrew/
Emulation: ESC/POS command
Interface: standard RS232/USB, Bluetooth 2.0/SPP agreement or infrared/IRCOMM agreement (optional).
Working Temperature: -10~50℃
Humidity: 10~90%