ICT Introduces the Durable and Reliable Next Generation Flagship Product – the XBA Bill Acceptor

ICT Introduces the Durable and Reliable Next Generation Flagship Product – the XBA Bill Acceptor

2013/6/26, Taipei, Taiwan

The renowned developer and manufacturer of unattended payment solutions, International Currency Technologies (ICT) is very pleased to announce a new member has been added to its bill acceptor product line – the XBA Bill Acceptor. ICT has officially and successfully launched its flagship product, the XBA Bill Acceptor, which has enhanced security features, patented wide-angle banknote insertion technology and also strong ambient light immunity. 

XBA, the Next Generation Bill Acceptor

Combines with the innovative and patented wide-angle banknote insertion technology, auto-calibration function and multi-color optical sensor,
the XBA Bill Acceptor offers a superior acceptance rate of 98% or higher, and the advanced counterfeit recognition technology. With such leading
technologies and features, the XBA Bill Acceptor not only offers high acceptance rate and acceptance speed, but also reduces banknote jams,
which can help to increase profits.


With an outstanding design, the XBA Bill Acceptor has the capability to provide a very high degree of immunity to strong ambient light, which ensures
an optimal performance in any environment. Together with the advanced optical/mechanical anti-fishing structure, the XBA Bill Acceptor protects
self-service operator’s investment in a very effective way.

The built-in USB port allows convenient firmware upgrades via USB flash drive. Moreover, the MDB-FTL and IrDA firmware upgrades are also available for XBA Bill Acceptor providing better and easy access, which saves time and labor cost of firmware upgrades.

Reliable and Durable XBA Bill Acceptor

With the latest technology, the XBA Bill Acceptor has remarkable validation M.T.B.F. 750,000 cycles, which provides excellent product reliability and durability. Also, the structure of XBA Bill Acceptor has strong resistance to severe weather condition, no matter if it’s under sun exposure, or hot and humid environments, the device works fine under various environments and conditions. The operating temperature ranges from -20ºC to 65ºC or -4ºF to 149ºF. The XBA Bill Acceptor is surely your best partner for different indoor and outdoor applications.


The XBA Bill Acceptor is also equipped with a power saving function, it will be woken up right after a banknote is inserted. The energy-efficient technology, XBA Bill Acceptor greatly reduces the electricity cost and lowers the environmental impact.

Moreover, available with various interfaces, XBA Bill Acceptor works perfectly with ICT Coin Changer Series in the vending machine.   


About ICT

International Currency Technologies Corp. (ICT) is a premier developer and manufacturer of unattended payment solutions. ICT provides a complete range of products to satisfy the needs of different countries for cash and cashless payment validations and transactions.

We maintain the highest level of service and quality from local distribution to the entire group worldwide. ICT strives to satisfy the specialized requirements of its customers, and launch new products through R&D efforts with a close tab on the market pulse. ICT is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with sales offices and distribution facilities worldwide.